Mikä Block Party?

Lahteen suunnitellaan Block Partya. Eli siis mitä?

Kurkista Helsinkiin ja etsi vastauksia viime vuoden Punajuuri Block Partyn tunnelmista:


"A block party is a large public party in which many members of a single neighbourhood congregate, either to observe an event of some importance or simply for mutual enjoyment. The name comes from the form of the party, which often involves closing an entire city block to vehicle traffic. Many times, there will be a celebration in the form of playing music and dance and activities like pony rides, inflatable slides, pop corn machines and BBQs. Block parties gained popularity in the United States during the 1970s. Block parties were often held outdoors and power for the DJ's sound system was taken illegally from street lights. This was famously referenced in the song "South Bronx" by KRS-One with the line "Power from a street light made the place dark. But yo, they didn't care, they turned it out." näin kertoo Wikipedia korttelikemuista.

Onnistuuko Lahti Block Party yhdistämään tai ravistelemaan?

Emme tiedä vielä vastauksia. Tule ja tee kaupungista näköisesi. Rautatienkadulle 25.8. klo 16-22. Yllätä Lahti iloisesti.


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